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What Makes a Good Nanny Greater than the Rest

In the past years, people are starting to turn up to the idea of a Chicago nanny agency as they did with therapy. It was quickly realized that to find a nanny in Chicago is way influentially better for your kids. As compared to, having a half involved guardian or parent that only mumbles words of encouragement. All the while being zoned in on their work.

Kids however cannot be treated in such an off handed manner. And thus, need a guardian who not only holds their hands when they take big steps in life, but who also has their back when they go through all the rough and difficult ones as well.

What really makes the nanny stand out these days?

The profession of a nanny is also given more consideration. The job itself has a very noble ring to it but it also pays quite well too these days. Naturally, over the years the profession of nanny grew remarkably as the demand surpluses. Plus if you are a people person and can keep little kids engaged for a long while, you might even be made for the job yourself! Though still, as contrary to popular belief, being a nanny isn’t very easy. It’s not. it doesn’t just earn you some cold cash just to hang out with a couple of kids. The profession comes with many responsibilities and not everyone can stand the pressure.

Their patience with kids

Oh boy! This may sound easy but huh, there are kids who really know how to push your buttons. Like really. They’ll be agitated to have their parents missing and see the nanny as some sort of imposter. Remember some kids were not given the care they needed so they might be edgy too. So they don’t trust the nanny, and they’re going to test it. It’s on a nanny to prove they’re there to stay and they’ll make things better. Slowly but surely it’ll get better. Patience is key.

Should have good observation skill

This is another key to becoming a great nanny among all the good ones. Their observation skills should be keen and viable. Learning from past experiences can also help understand the dynamic of the kids. Yes every kid is different and they need a different approach but they’re still kids. All kids have different personalities but in the end, we all have the same traits. If the nanny is vigilant, they’ll understand the pattern and know how to handle things better. Which they presumably encountered in the past. 

Build a connection with the parent or guardian

New nannies from the Chicago nanny agency don’t understand how important it is to communicate with the parents. Not only when they ask, but periodically. Their relationship with the parent or guardian only makes things easier for both sides. And no it certainly doesn’t mean you should keep pestering them. Though a meaningful relationship with the parent or guardian means a sturdier job. And a potential trait in the nanny profession.

Be proactive at your job

We at the nanny’s nest, help you find a nanny in Chicago who keeps on top of things. Which means as a nanny, you’ll need to be proactive at your job. Looking after a child means taking up all their responsibilities as well. Which means juggling more than one task at a time.  if a nanny had a decent experience, they’d be rolling their eyes like duh! But that’s why it’s important. That means even working in overdrive at times while still maintaining efficiency.

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How Illinois Top Child Care Providers Discipline Children

Our Illinois child care providers of Nanny Nest believe, because kids are unable to trust strangers, they feel insecure around them and make a fuss. It also means they don’t like surprises. Kids feel safe when they get some sort of familiarity and reassurance. Adults don’t have any constants, we adjust our schedules as per our responsibilities of the day, but kids are used to their routines. That’s why it’s important to consider them before you make any sudden plans or need to explain it to them and even constantly remind them so that they don’t get overwhelmed with the change in events. But even so understanding all the things the kids go through, you can sometimes forget to keep a slow pace so your kids can catch up and that ruins the dynamic. Though with all the responsibilities set on your shoulders, it’s no wonder why. That’s why kids need someone who will walk every step with them but also help them quicken the pace gradually as your little ones grow up.

Are you looking for top Illinois child care providers and nannies from Illinois? We have your back, our child care providers and nannies are considered the top care givers by our customers who are known to discipline difficult kids.

How our Illinois child care providers interact with children

Our nannies in Illinois treat each and every child they interact with as their own. They try to learn what a kid could want from them when they’re being difficult. Some people confuse difficult children with children who are stubborn and fussy, though that’s what it seems like, our Illinois child care providers and especially nannies in Illinois believe such children are overly agile and sensitive. When they can’t explain it they express it and quite often than not they use tantrums and their fussiness as a means to express their frustration. Hire a Nanny in Illinois don’t fight their frustration but take their times with the kids to understand it.


Kids have a lot of things to say. They demand attention and when their demands are not met urgently, they make sure to express it in the most powerful way they can endure, tantrums. Though it might be hard to decipher a kid’s lingo for some, for our Illinois child care providers it’s different. Our nannies in Illinois have had experience with many kids and of course dealt with many tantrums. Our Illinois child care providers listen to the children and answer them. They meet the hyperactive kids calmly. The kids feel heard and thus our nannies in Illinois endure less tantrums.

Firms rules and structure

To comfort a crying child, people often bend the rules so that they can give the children what they want and hurry back to their work. Our nanny agency Illinois try their best to make the child feel heard but bending the rules isn’t an option. Our nannies in Illinois maintain a strict structure to ensure authority.


If a child is being bad you scold it but how many times have you remembered to appreciate your little ones. Kids love being praised. Praising them on a habit you used to keep trying to enforce is the easiest way to cox the child into following commands.

As child care providers of the nanny nest believe

Kids are pure, sweet and innocent. They will play around all day and exhaust themselves to sleep. But if there is one thing that a kid lacks, that is trust. Though it isn’t as deep and meaningful as for adults, kids do not have the ability to trust. If a child comes up to you and plays with you but from afar and doesn’t let you touch them, that usually means they have a hard time trusting you and not just because they’re shy. Kids only learn to trust their parents or in most cases the parent that nurses them. While you’re the other parent that gets turned down by their kids, it by no means shows your kid doesn’t trust you, it means they trust the other parent more and feel soothed in their arms, not just safe.

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How Much Does it Cost to Find a Nanny in Chicago?

There are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration. To find a nanny in Chicago that suits you and your family, your budget is one of them. Many parents don’t give the costs of hiring a nanny a second thought. Whereas the cost should be the first and foremost debate. In the 15 years of running a nanny agency in Chicago, we have witnessed parents having their heart set on a nanny that was totally out of their budget. It is important to understand the reason for the varying cost in the fees of each individual candidate. These diverse levels are dictated by certain expertise if not only by certain other factors entirely to find a nanny in Illinois.

Every nanny gets paid per hour. According to the Economic Research Institute or ERI, the average rate of a nanny is approximately $19 per hour. Whereas the rate can vary from $16 to $34 per hour approximately.

What are the reasons that vary the pay rate in nanny agencies in Chicago?

Every nanny has one thing in common. Their unconditional love and complete devotion to you and your kids. Okay, maybe there is more than one thing that every nanny has in common. Even though they work hard to nurture your kids, their skill sets are diverse in many ways. And that’s what the major and most common difference is.


The one factor that is considered the most valuable trait in any field is experience. Nanny agencies in Chicago claim experience in this field to be the most valuable asset. Nannies who have had years of experience are more agile when it comes to nurturing the needs of a child. They have more control and are tenable against any harm or situation in general. No other factors can be at the level of expertise of an experienced nanny. The pay rate of a nanny increases over time after they are hired by you as well.


While his factor is often disregarded by some, it’s a bonus trait of a nanny. Some parents only want someone to look after their kids when they’re away. Proper education proves the candidate to have a viable influence on the child. In addition to nurturing the kids, nannies are responsible for their constructive and academic growth as well. Apart from that, it is also necessary for nannies to be equipped with up-to-the-minute resources. This will allow them to be aware of all the latest knowledge and devices as well. So safe to say the education of a candidate is a strong asset and should not be overlooked. 


Residing in the big city of Chicago you might be aware of the expenses as well. The pay rate of nannies varies from area to area as well.

Number of kids

The pay rate varies with the number of kids a nanny will be attending to. More kids just simply mean more responsibility and considering the circumstances, higher pay. With this factor also comes forth the debate of admitting the kids to daycare. Which most people fail to realize is far more expensive than hiring a personal nanny in Chicago. Nest nannies love each and every kid individually and wholeheartedly. Rest assured each kid will be attended to fairly and given separate attention so you don’t have to worry about your nanny neglecting any one of your kids among others regardless of their age.

Age of the child

An obscure factor when hiring a nanny. The pay rate of nannies does vary for certain age groups as well. Infants and toddlers tend to require more attention and energy whereas older kids are considerably smarter and most capable.


You need to be very careful about what duties you intend to assign your nanny. To find a nanny in Chicago to look after your kids and present to their needs. Though this factor can be disregarded in some cases. It is true that nannies are “programmed” to cater to you and your child’s needs through mostly the latter. The reason why some nannies might reprimand and refuse to take on extra chores without expecting pay.

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Is Having Child Care or Nanny Services During a Pandemic Safe?

People who are looking to find a nanny agency in Chicago are skeptical and it’s no wonder why. Beginning with how Covid 19 hit the world so contagiously. It ruined lives and worst yet, took many away as well. Therefore you might want to avoid any connection from the outside world whatsoever. We’re still recovering from the widespread disease so having child care or nanny services is an unwelcome decision at the moment, obviously. It is not only considered irresponsible but also put you and your family’s life in danger. But the option doesn’t have to get voted out altogether either.

When discovering that the virus had contagious traits. It was decided that it’s best to insulate self-quarantine. To avoid it spreading further. Though it saved the lives of people who followed one simple instruction, it also created chaos in the process. Our lives basically stopped. Businesses, hangouts, any sort of outdoor activities, and worst of all schools. Despite having your whole family together to have quality time should be fun, the hype died down quickly. Especially for parents. Being stuck in the house is fun until you have little feet running around and causing havoc every now and then. And considering we had to adapt so quickly to the new lifestyle which in addition came with a lot more responsibilities. Online sessions being the worst of all! Aren’t those just…….ugh?!

How to find a nanny amidst a pandemic?

You could only imagine how many parents were scrambling to find a nanny in Chicago during these times. To have those extra sets of hands and at least have help with managing the new life with little kids. Of course, it puts a lot of burden on our shoulders. At Nannies Nest, Providing childcare or nanny services during these times took a lot of deliberation on our part. So to answer, is having child care or nanny services during a pandemic safe? Well yes, it is. Only if all the necessary precautions are taken seriously that is. 

Get tested

Both the nanny and family need to be tested before. To determine you’re not jeopardizing or risking your lives. Covid can be transmitted even through the slightest touch. So to hire a nanny or be hired it should be mandatory for both parties to be healthy and tested negative. Once examined, make sure that both of the counterparts are maintaining a safe space as well.

Take precaution against symptoms

Even the slightest and most neutral symptoms are a red flag. Covid 19 is adapted at varying levels of intensities. If you’re even suspicious about any of the symptoms, do not hire a childcare or nanny service of any make sure to check a medical report of the hired help within the last 3 days. To make certain that there aren’t any chances of promoting the virus further, follow through and comply with every health regulation prescribed by the doctors. Make masks for your family members and nanny. Avoid physical contact and make washing hands a must for everyone. Especially if someone has to go out for chores. If someone in the family shows symptoms, it’s best to get tested immediately.

Quarantine with your nanny

If you have a live-in nanny, it is obvious they’ll be in quarantine with you and your family. And for the sake of the time being, it’s best for both the nanny and the family to quarantine together to avoid spreading it further. If you are a nanny who was dutifully taking care of the kids at the start of the pandemic or during the pandemic. It’s best to quarantine with the family.

Be responsible

Lastly, think before acting out. The reason covid 19 grew so rapidly is due to our poor and irrational behavior. We are all responsible for the contagious virus which took millions of people away. Take care of the people you love by doing what has been preached since day one. Avoid unnecessary contact. We hope all of you take care of your families and our nannies who take care of your kids so you don’t go bald from stress.